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Jim (jamp) and Thanasis (ConWerteR), Jim (Jamp) started dj-ing in parties around the world near 2004, at a young age, his background in music is as a punk rock guitarist, singer and sound engineer. Thanasis born in Athens-Greece, in 1983 is the mastermind behind the Conwerter project. It was in 2003 when he decided to produce his first psychedelic tunes after finishing his music technology studies and becoming a qualified sound engineer. A year later, Conwerter joined Harmonia Records and started performing his music in various events all around Greece, while at the same time he was working as a sound engineer in some of the most famous post production studios in Athens. In 2008 he released his debut cd single "It's Curiosity" and at the moment he undertakes mastering services for Harmonia Records and various artists. Currently he is working on the production of his 2nd album while taking short breaks for smashing the dancefloors all around the globe in some of the biggest events.



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